Grantham court: Man’s ‘loss of judgement’ led to supermarket theft

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Court News.
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Baffled as to why he stole £70 of items from Morrisons in Stamford, David Evans could offer no explanation for his actions.

Evans, of Ellyslande, Great Ponton, admitted pocketing four DVDs, a CD, an ink cartridge and bag of coffee worth £70.49 from the supermarket on November 28.

He was seen by a member of staff to conceal the items in pockets and was stopped before leaving the store.

Julian Sheen, defending, told the court that 59-year-old Evans could not explain why he had taken the items as he had the money to pay for them.

He added: “He has had some weeks, months, to consider the situation, which he very much regrets.

“He can only put it down to a loss of judgement at the time, due to medication he was on.

“They were strong painkillers.

“He is not saying that meant he didn’t know what he was doing but all he can say is that it may have impaired his judgement.”

Mr Sheen told magistrates that Evans has taken some steps of his own accord to prevent a repeat incident. As a person with mobility problems and who suffers from agoraphobia, he has employed someone to do his shopping for him.

Mr Sheen added: “It is something that has troubled him for the weeks since he has been arrested.”

Magistrates gave Evans a conditional discharge of 12 months and ordered him to contribute £45 towards prosecution costs and a £15 victim surcharge.