Grantham court: Man thought police officers were muggers

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A 25-year-old said he refused to be breathalysed at the road side because he thought the officers were muggers and he was confused after a head injury.

Darren Burden, of Beacon Lane, Grantham, pleaded guilty to the charge of not co-operating with police by providing a specimen of breath.

Prosecuter Shelley Wilson said that at 12.50am on April 24, police on duty in the Market Place became suspicious of Burden and decided to stop him for a drug search and also because he smelled of alcohol and was returning to his car.

Mrs Wilson said after being asked three times by officers he refused point blank to provide a speciman of breath and was arrested.

Defending, Chris Pye-Smith said that Burden’s reason for not co-operating was that he had seen the two men but didn’t realise that they were police officers, thinking instead that they were trying to mug him.

Consequently he ran away and during this fell to the ground injuring his head, which is why he was annoyed when they identified themselves as policemen and he then refused to be breathalysed. At the police station Burden gave a recording which was below the drink drive limit.

Grantham magistrates ordered Burden to pay a fine of £100, a victim surcharge of £20 and prosecution costs of £85.