Grantham court: Man tried to get rid of drugs

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A Grantham man tried to get rid of drugs after being chased by police.

Stephen Birch, 30, of Princess Drive, appeared in court on Monday and admitted drug possession and the theft of a bicycle. Jim Clare, procesuting, told the court that Birch had been caught by police after they tried to stop a car in which he was travelling on February 3. The car stopped and a number of people got out and tried to run away. Birch threw away a suitcase before being caught as he tried to climb over a wall. The suitcase contained £10 of cannabis bush.

Mr Clare said Birch stole the bicycle after it was left outside a shop in Wharf Road, Grantham. He was stopped while riding it soon afterwards on Springfield Road. He was found to be carrying a quantity of the drugs MCAT and cannabis. Birch also admitted failing to surrender to custody and the breach of a community order.

Bill Fraser, defending, said Birch had been due to appear in court a few days earlier but was late and and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Mr Fraser said Birch has been detained unnecessarily, but admitted all the offences.

Birch was given a jail sentence suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay £80 victim surcharge and £85 costs.