Grantham court: Motorcyclists ‘did 126mph’ court hears

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Two motorcyclists who allegedly crashed after going at speeds of up to 126mph on the A151 at Edenham near Bourne have pleaded not guilty to charges of dangerous driving.

On Monday, Grantham Magistrates’ Court heard how Paul Alderton, 29, of Manor Drive, Great Gonerby, and Daniel Metcalfe-Hall, 26, of Gloucester Road, Grantham, crashed on June 22 last year.

It was said that shortly before the accident a helmet camera worn by Metcalfe-Hall recorded them going at excess of 100mph and making aggressive cut-in manoeuvres near Bourne Wood. The pair, who were riding together on Honda 600cc motorcycles, slowed to approach a bend going about 50mph, at the junction with Lound, but lead rider Metcalfe-Hall lost control of his vehicle and was then hit by Alderton riding closely behind.

Both of the men pleaded not guilty to a charge of dangerous driving.

Alderton pleaded guilty to two other offences of having illegal tread on the back tyre of his bike and not having a valid MOT for the motorcycle.

The case was adjourned and will be heard at the magistrates court on May 18. The two men were released on unconditional bail.