Grantham court: Mum of nine children stole more than £300 worth of groceries

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The mother of nine children who admits stealing more than £300 worth of groceries from Asda in Grantham must wait until next month to be sentenced.

Anne Marie Fenton, 33, of Wellow Green, Ollerton, has pleaded guilty to the theft of groceries valued at £316.41 from Asda on August 6 last year.

She also admits taking a car without the owner’s consent on the same date, and driving without insurance and without a licence in Union Street, Grantham.

Defending, Rory Macmillan said Fenton had been evicted from here home in Meres Road, Grantham, three weeks ago and was now living in hostel accommodation.

He said she spent a reasonable amount of time in Grantham seeing her children most of whom were living with relatives in the town.

Mr Macmillan told the court Fenton had not been able to pay off compensation for the Asda theft because she had large rent arrears of £2,600 at Meres Road, and had been pregnant at the time.

The court had deferred sentence last year to allow her to pay off the money.

The court was told that Fenton had been living under difficult circumstances when she committed the Asda theft and had gone into the store and stolen the groceries in a “trolley dash” with another person. She had said she would never have had the “wherewithall or ability” to do it on her own.

Magistrates adjourned the case until April 7 for a probation report.