Grantham court: Night club owner’s actions caused ‘one hell of a fire risk’

RaRa Bar
RaRa Bar
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The owner of a town night club admitted using electricity without authority after the club’s supply was cut off.

Richard Pask, 49, the owner of RaRa in Grantham Market Place admitted three charges of using electricity without authority between May 22 and June 7.

Tracey Ross, prosecuting said: “It is aggravated by the fact it is a commercial building and there were customers present. They would have been totally unaware that in that property was one hell of a fire risk.”

The court heard Pask received an electricity bill for £7,000 for the year from E-on, quickly followed by a quarterly bill of £9,000.

When he could not pay the amount demanded, E-on disconnected the electricity supply and removed the meter.

Pask, of Rookery Close, Witham St Hughs, Lincoln, reconnected the supply himself. However, Western Power Distribution were tipped off that the club was still using power.

A revenue protection officer visited the club on May 22, turned the power back off and did the same again on June 6.

Within hours the club had reconnected the supply and was open again. In the early hours of June 7 police attended, emptied the premises of customers and steps were taken to prevent the club from turning the power back on.

In interview Pask told police he was “desperate as the club was losing money”.

Giles Tyas, defending, played down the fire risk, telling the court Pask is a qualified industrial electrician. Mr Tyas added: “He says there was no fire risk to the property whatsoever.”

Mr Tyas said Pask regrets his actions but “his business was losing money hand over fist and he needed to keep it open”.

He added: “The club is now closed and has been closed some considerable time.”

Pask must complete 100 hours of unpaid work over 12 months, pay costs of £85 and a £60 surcharge.