Grantham court: Offender walked off with £2,000 given to him in error

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A man who walked out of a police station with more than £2,000 accidentally given to him in a clerical error has pleaded guilty to theft.

In 2012, Shane Woods, 28, of Cecil Street, Grantham, was convicted at the crown court of offences in relation to supply of controlled drugs along with another man.

As part of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, which provides for the confiscation of the proceeds from crime, £2,472 was taken as part of the conviction.

However it was agreed that £270 of that money belonged to Woods and it was within his right to have the money returned.

When he attended Grantham Police Station in Swingbridge Road to collect his money he was given the full £2,472 in error.

Woods signed for the money and never pointed out the mistake.

The error was later realised and police notified Woods he must return the money however, he never made contact with them to organise a method of repayment and he was later charged for the theft of the money.

Woods told the court he partly spent the money paying off debts.

He added that he had not repaid the money when notified because he was waiting for inheritance money to come through, which he has still not received.

Woods said: “I know I should have been honest at the time and said I was only there for the £270.

“I regret being dishonest now.”

When convicted in 2012, Woods was given a 24-month suspended sentence.

However, because the theft relates to the same crime. prosecutor Shelly Wilson said it should not trigger the sentence.

Magistrates adjourned the case until February 16 to give the Probation Service time to look into the case.