Grantham court: Officers assaulted after fight breaks out in street

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A drunk 22-year-old man assaulted two police officers on New Year’s Day in Grantham.

Adam Lee Higgs, of Hawthorne Court, Grantham, admitted at the town’s magistrates court to assaulting a police constable and a special constable in the execution of their duty and using threatening words or behaviour towards another man.

Prosecuting, Shelley Wilson told the court that at 12.45am on January 1 in Shaw Road police found a group of people fighting. They saw Higgs punch a man in the face and both men were arrested for affray. Higgs became aggressive and attempted to headbutt one officer.

After his arrest he spat in the face of the special constable and swung his head back and hit the officer on the nose. He headbutted another officer and called him a “dirty f****** pig”.

Mrs Wilson said the violence resulted from an altercation between Higgs and another man. Higgs was acting in self defence and was very drunk. He said he could not remember spitting or headbutting the officers. He was “pumped up with adrenalin” after his altercation with the other man who accused Higgs of starting the incident by going round to his house with a baseball bat. Mrs Wilson said there was no evidence that the victim had acted aggressively.

Rob Arthur, defending Higgs, said his client’s memory of the incident was “sparse”, but he did not disagree with what the police had said. Mr Arthur said Higgs had been assessed by a mental health unit in Grantham and referred to a consultant psychiatrist because of anger and personality issues.

He said the incident had happened three weeks after his assessment and added: “There are clearly underlying anger and other issues.” These had led to his outburst that evening, he said.

Magistrates called for a report and adjourned the case until February 25. Higgs was given bail on condition he did not contact one named person.