Grantham court: Officers sworn at in domestic incident

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Police officers were sworn at when they attended a domestic dispute in Grantham last year.

The two officers were called to an address in Ivatt Court on September 28 where they saw Carl Moore, 30, banging on the front door.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, told the court that when he noticed the officers, Moore was abusive towards them.

He was asked to calm down but became angry.

The homeowner was not happy for him to be there and he had been kicking and banging on the door.

Neighbours were opening their windows and the police believed Moore to be drunk.

He called them a “bunch of b*******” and when one of the officers thought he was about to be struck, Moore was arrested and taken to Grantham police station.

Defending himself in court, Moore said: “It was a disagreement between me and the kids’ mother and that was the result of it.”

He admitted a charge of using threate ning words or behaviour.

Moore was handed a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay £40 costs.