Grantham court: Owner of pet which attacked woman can still keep dogs

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Compensation of £300 was ordered after a woman was repeatedly attacked by a dog in the street, suffering puncture wounds to the legs.

Selina Evans, of Hornsby Road, Grantham, admitted she was the owner of a dog dangerously out of control in a public place which caused injury.

Evans’ dog, a cross between a Staffordshire bull terrier and a Jack Russell, was loose in Houghton Road, Grantham, on the morning of August 6.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said the dog approached the victim and attacked without provocation, “sinking its teeth” into her left calf which caused “intense pain”.

The dog eventually let go but then attacked her right leg, again sinking its teeth into her calf “hard enough to break the skin”.

A friend of the victim witnessed the attack and was able to get the victim home. However, the dog followed, attempting further attacks.

The victim said the attack: “Left me shaken and upset. My legs are swollen, sore and painful.”

Mr Clare said the victim was “traumatised” as well as injured in the attack.

Giles Tyas, defending, said Evans was shocked to learn of the actions of her dog who she thought was safely secured in her back garden.

Mr Tyas said: “The dog’s name was Bailey and Bailey has been the family dog for seven years. Miss Evans has three children who have grown up with Bailey and Bailey has never been trouble in any way.

“The children would pull his tail and poke him in the eye but she had never seen it snap.”

Mr Tyas described the incident as a “tremendously sad case” and told magistrates Evans has already had the dog destroyed voluntarily.

He added: “She doesn’t intend to get any further dogs. The children are too traumatised by what’s happened already.”

Evans, 29, was ordered to pay compensation of £300 and costs of £85.

Chairman of magistrates Jillian Spencer said she would not be banning Evans from owning pets, including dogs, in the future.

She added: “We feel this was an isolated incident. You acted responsibly, took ownership of the dog seriously and took the decision to voluntarily put the dog to sleep.”