Grantham court: Partner arrested for drink-driving

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A man took his partner’s car without her consent and was later spotted on CCTV trying to get behind the wheel after drinking in a club.

Zsolt Gazsa, 32, of Wentworth Drive, Grantham, admitted taking a car without consent, obstructing a constable in the execution of his duty, driving without a licence, driving without insurance and failing to provide a specimen for analysis on June 14.

Prosecuting, Daniel Pietryka said that at 2.40am Gazsa was spoken to by police after he was seen on CCTV trying to get into his car while unsteady on his feet. When he was interviewed at the police station he gave a false name, but a scan of his fingerprints quickly revealed his true identity.

Mr Pietryka said it was quickly established that Gazsa had taken his partner’s car without her permission. At 9.30pm she had noticed the car was gone and the spare keys taken. Gazsa admitted using a friend’s name and that he did not have a full driving licence.

Mr Pietryka added: “He said he had made a stupid mistake and was drunk.”

Defending, Stuart Wild said his client had shown “genuine remorse”. He said Gazsa had been due to go to a birthday party on the other side of Grantham. A friend came round to the house and he took the keys and gave his friend a lift to the party.

After the party, Gasza went into town where he had some drinks and then was seen getting into his car.

The court heard Gasza could not recall what happened when the police pulled him up and could not give a breath specimen.

Mr Wild said Gasza later went to A&E to see if he could be tested to see if anything had been put in his drink because he had suffered “a complete blackout”.

Magistrates fined Gazsa £75 for the offence of taking without consent. He was fined £110 for failing to provide a specimen and disqualified from driving for 12 months. He was fined £35 for obstructing a police constable. His licence was endorsed for driving without insurance and no separate penalty was made for driving without a licence. He was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £20 and a criminal court charge of £150.