Grantham court: Partner’s drugs case added to mum’s woes

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A mother returned to drugs after her partner was arrested for conspiracy to import drugs into the United Kingdom and charged with attempted murder, Grantham Magistrates’ Court heard.

Jodie Taylor of Portmarnock Way, Grantham, admitted theft after walking into a Grantham Co-op with her three young children aged between six and nine in January and stealing almost £18 worth of Fruit Pastilles, along with deodorant.

Rob Arthur, defending, told the court Taylor, 29, had been a heroin addict in her teens before overcoming her addiction. However, she met a man in January 2012 who she began a relationship with, Arthur said, only for him to be arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to import drugs into the United Kingdom.

Mr Arthur said Taylor returned to heroin but is again in the process of kicking the habit.

Mr Arthur added: “Just before Christmas her partner was charged with attempted murder as well.

“I think it’s fair to say things are not going very well for Miss Taylor on the family front around the time of this offence.”

Mr Arthur said Taylor was “ashamed to be back before the courts” and she wishes to apologise to the store .

Mr Arthur added: “She clearly has an underlying issue which she has sought to address, even during these very difficult times for her and her family.”

Taylor was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £20 in compensation and a £15 surcharge.