Grantham court: Pay-out for police officer injured by headbutt

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A police officer who was headbutted, suffering facial injuries, was awarded £100 in compensation by Grantham magistrates.

Mark Taylor, of New Street, Grantham, admitted assaulting a police constable in the execution of his duty.

The court heard how the victim was called to Taylor’s home by a colleague who required help.

Taylor assisted as officers attempted to handcuff Taylor who was resisting.

Kate Hartley, prosecuting, told the court Taylor, who was described as of large build and over six feet tall, only allowed himself to be handcuffed once he had been threatened with a taser gun.

Mrs Hartley said: “Taylor was told repeatedly ‘calm down, you are not helping yourself’.

“Then suddenly and without warning Taylor headbutted him extremely hard to the face.”

The victim suffered injuries to his mouth and nose and said his lip was bleeding and his teeth hurt, the court was told.

Despite the assault the victim continued to help the other officers in their efforts to restrain Taylor.

Efforts were made to put leg restraints on Taylor.

Mrs Hartley said the officers used two “distraction strikes” to Taylor’s upper legs.

In a statement, the police officer said: “I don’t come to work to be assaulted by another person.

“I was disgusted by the behaviour of Mr Taylor.”

Chris Pye-Smith, defending, said Taylor also suffered injuries in the incident.

He added: “But the police would say they were justified in taking those steps.”

Despite the guilty plea, Mr Pye-Smith said Taylor, 36, does not recall the headbutt.

He said: “Mr Taylor does not recollect the headbutt specifically taking place but given perhaps all four officers said that, he is not going to dispute it.”

Taylor was fined £300 and ordered to pay £100 in compensation. He must also pay £85 in costs and £100 in compensation.