Grantham court: Policemen assaulted after incident in pub

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A man assaulted two police officers and his girlfriend in Grantham during a night out on the town.

Daniel Fitzgerald Simmonds, 22, of East Street, Grantham, admitted assaulting a police sergeant and a constable in the execution of their duty, a common assault in the Gravity pub and using threatening or abusive language or behaviour on the night of June 29.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace told the court that the female victim of the assault in Gravity had known Simmonds for two years and said he had two sides to his character. She had said when he had had a drink he struggled with his emotions and that could lead to violence.

Miss Stace said Simmonds had been sick in Gravity, had gone outside before returning in an angry mood and had then pushed his victim by the shoulders back against a sofa. Simmonds then made his way towards Faces nightclub where he was seen in an alteraction with members of the public before police attended.

The police sergeant heard a loud bang which he thought was a bin being thrown through a window and then saw two males scuffling. He split the two up and a constable who has heard a female has been assaulted arrested Simmonds who continued to be violent and punched the officer in the face. The sergeant intervened and suffered a dislocated thumb after a struggle with Simmonds. The sergeant pulled his own thumb out and put it back into the socket.

Simonds was put into a police van in handcuffs and tried to choke himself with them. The van was stopped and Simmonds then bit the hand of an officer and and punched him on the nose and chin.

In a police interview, Simmonds said the victim in Gravity had tried to hug him and he didn’t want to, so pushed her away. He said he had Asperger’s and had acted like an idiot and needed to get some space.

In the altercation with the police he had been walking away when he was held and was not aware it was the police. He was in a panic attack and was only aware of the police when he turned round.

Defending, Julian Sheen said Simmonds’s recollection of that night was poor. Mr Sheen said: “He wants me to apologise to the officers and the young lady. He does not drink too often but when he does he drinks too much. But since the incident he has not been drinking.”

Magistrates imposed a community order on Simmonds for 12 months which includes supervision and 26 sessions in a Resolve programme.

He must also pay £100 compensation to each police officer, pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £60.