Grantham court: Prisoner still went free

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A serving prisoner was told he will still be released from jail on Friday (April 26) despite facing new charges for smashing his way into two cars with a brick.

Martin Moore of Dixon Place in Grantham was sentenced to prison in February for stealing from shops.

He is due to be released today but on Monday admitted a charges of vehicle interference and theft from a motor vehicle. The crimes took place in January of this year in Dixon Place and Station Road East.

Daniel Pietryka, prosecuting, told the court Moore was seen walking the streets with a house brick wrapped in paper, which he used to smash the windows of two cars. He stole £6 from one of the cars.

Moore, 28, also admitted breaching a conditional discharge.

He was sentenced to seven days in prison for each offence but as they will run concurrently he will still be released from prison on schedule.

Chair of magistrates Peter Dolby described the sentencing as a “clearing up exercise”.