Grantham court: Pub panes smashed in outburst

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A town centre pub lost seven panes of glass when a 30-year-old lost his temper and punched the windows.

Stephen Birch of Princess Drive in Grantham admitted causing criminal damage at The Playhouse in Watergate, Grantham.

Bill Fraser, defending, told the court Birch and his brother were “chatting up” some women in the pub when another group of males “took umbrage”.

Mr Fraser said: “Mr Birch thought it would be better to continue the discussion further outside the pub.”

However, once outside he was not followed by any of the group of men and was barred from re-entering.

Mr Fraser said the group of men were taunting Birch through the window, causing him to lose his temper. He punched one window causing six panes of glass to shatter before punching a second and breaking one more.

The court heard Birch had missed an appointment with the Probation Service because he had been attacked. Mr Fraser told the court Birch was the subject of a “vicious hammer assault”.

Birch was given a conditional discharge, but must pay £150 in compensation to The Playhouse.