Grantham court: Punished for keeping dogs and lizards

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Court News.
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Lizards, dogs and cats were found in the care of a man serving a five-year ban from keeping animals.

Steven Franklin, of Woodlands Drive, Grantham, was banned from keeping animals in 2011 after failing to take proper care of a rottweiler, a cat and two leopard geckos.

On October 15 of this year police attended an address in Welland Court, Grantham, where Franklin was living with his girlfriend.

They found an alsatian, a small terrier and two lizards in glass tanks.

Giles Tyas, defending, said Franklin knew he should not be responsible for animals but he had been looking after them and they were in good health when the police arrived.

Mr Tyas added: “He feels very sorry. It had been on his mind to have the order revoked but he did not know how to do it.He has buried his head in the sand.”

Franklin, 36, was given a 12-month conditional discharge and must pay £85 costs and a £15 surcharge.