Grantham court: Road crash test driver disqualified

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A Hungarian man who crashed his car on a test drive in Grantham was disqualified from driving for six months.

Janos Disztl, 34, admitted careless driving and driving without insurance. He was fined £100 and received three penalty points on his licence. As he was already on nine points, Distzl was banned.

Defending himself, Distzl said: “I am guilty but the other driver, he is guilty as well because he was driving too fast.”

Disztl, of Ashley Road, Tottenham, London, claimed losing his licence would cause him “exceptional hardship” so asked magistrates not to ban him from driving.

However, he admitted he did not have a car and took public transport to work. When asked why losing his licence would cause exceptional hardship, he replied: “It would be a bad thing because I like to drive.”

Magistrates found exceptional hardship was not proven.