Grantham court: Shop thieves were ‘pretty stupid’

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A couple who travelled to Grantham from London to steal from a supermarket were victims of their own greed.

Rochelle Muirhead, 24, of North End Road, London and Alfie Holmes, 26, of Dyes Lane Caravan Park, Stevenage, both admitted two charges of stealing from Sainsburys in Grantham.

The court heard the pair made a clean getaway the first time on February 2 but were spotted on CCTV. When they tried the same offence again on March 15 they were arrested leaving the store with more than £90 worth of goods which were recovered.

Chris Pye-Smith, defending, said: “They are both very sorry about this. It was, in their own words, a stupid thing to do.

“It was almost obvious they would be apprehended. CCTV is all over the place in a store like this so they were duly identified.”

The pair must each pay a fine of £110, £85 costs and a £20 surcharge, however they were spared costs as the court was unable to ascertain the value of the goods stolen in the first theft.

Chair of magistrates Mr Stewart said: “It was pretty stupid. Don’t do it again.”