Grantham court: Smashed up flat in a drunken rage

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Alcohol-fuelled rage saw a 25-year-old man cause £533 of criminal damage.

Alan Boardman was living in sheltered housing in Avenue Road, Grantham, when he became intoxicated and acting aggressively.

Boardman smashed the glass panel of a display cabinet while shouting “where’s my f***ing keys and phone? Someone’s nicked them!”

He then threw a beer bottle through a sitting room window before picking up a fire extinguisher and smashing another window. He finished by throwing the extinguisher through the broken window.

The court heard Boardman, 25, located his keys but not his phone.

Boardman, who still lives at the address in Avenue Road, admitted causing criminal damage. He was given a conditional discharge but ordered to pay £533.34 compensation to Nacro. He must also pay a £15 surcharge.