Grantham court: Victim kicked in front of child

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A Grantham man who admitted assaulting a woman who had been living with him for a few days had mental health problems.

Louis James Brown, 27, of Launder Terrace, Grantham, admitted assault by beating at his flat on August 12.

Prosecuting, Jim Clare said police were phoned at 10am by the victim who was hysterical. Officers went to the address where they found the victim and her four-year-old daughter. A policewoman spoke to the victim in the bathroom.

The victim said she did not want to give a statement to the police but she did tell them that she had been grabbed by the throat, put on the bed and was kicked in front of the young girl.

Mr Clare said Brown told police they had had an argument and he did not want her at his address any more.

He said he had been wound up and he did not take well to it.

She had refused to move into council accommodation.

Brown admitted he had grabbed her by the throat.

Stuart Wild, defending, said Brown had given police a full and frank admission at the scene and in interview.

He said the victim was effectively homeless at the time and Brown had allowed her to stay for a while.

He said the tension between them was running high.

Mr Wild added that Brown had been diagnosed as psychotic borderline bi-polar and was due to collect his medication that day.

He had been referred to the Beaconfield Centre in Grantham.

Magistrates ordered a pre-sentence report and adjourned the case until October 26.

Brown was given bail on condition he does not contact the victim or child.