Grantham court: Woman attacked police officer and bit nurse

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A woman on a night out attacked a policeman at a hotel and later bit a nurse while in hospital.

Leanne Dyer, 26, of Paston Lane, Peterborough, admitted assaulting a constable in the execution of her duty at the Ramada Hotel in Grantham on October 11 last year and assaulting a nurse by beating her at Grantham Hospital some hours later.

Prosecuting, Daniel Pietryka told the court that police were called to the Ramada at 10.20pm where a woman was acting aggressively after drinking all afternoon in the bar with a man. Officers went to a room with paramedics where they were confronted by a naked female shouting abuse at them.

Mr Pietryka said Dyer had to be restrained for her own protection. She bit a special constable in the right forearm and tried to bite a paramedic in the groin. She was taken to Grantham A&E where she was aggressive towards hospital staff.

She tried to bite and hit staff. She was kicking out and hit a nurse in the face. Staff tried to sedate her and while one nurse was attending to her, Dyer leant forward and bit her finger and forearm. The police were called again.

Dyer told police she had been out with friend and had met a man and had gone back to the hotel with him where they had drinks. Mr Pietryka said she thought her drinks must have been spiked.

Defending, Mike Pryor said his client broke into tears whenever he spoke to her about the incident. Her mother and brother had visited her in hospital and she was “most upset and remorseful”. Mr Pryor said Dyer had even sought out the nurse to apologise to her.

Mr Pryor said Dyer had not been out for a year. She had gone out with friends at 6.30pm and met the man at 8.30pm. She denied being at the hotel all afternoon and had actually been looking after her children, aged five and two.

She remembered drinking two Jack Daniels with coke at the hotel and then feeling “very woozy and faint”. The man who had been with Dyer refused to give any details to police.

Mr Pryor said every indication showed that this was a lady out of control. She had involuntarily been sick and had urinated, he said. The nurse had said that staff had tried to get an ecg on Dyer, but she had suddenly “sparked back up” and became more violent, lashing out at staff.

Magistrates fined Dyer £75 for the assault on the special constable and £110 for the assault on the nurse. She was ordered to pay compensation of £75 to each victim and a victim surcharge of £20.