Grantham court: Wrist biter was dragged to a desk and handcuffed to it

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A policeman was bitten on the wrist while officers tried to hold down a man at Grantham Police Station.

Richard Stephen Minion, 30, formerly of Baghdad Road, Cranwell, but now living in Riseborough Walk, Bulwell, Nottingham, admitted assaulting a constable in the execution of his duty on February 12.

Prosecuting, Tracey Ross told Grantham magistrates that at 4.15am Minion was being booked into the custody suite at the police station where officers were concerned he might try to harm himself or even commit suicide.

Miss Ross said Minion was strip searched but was non-compliant and tried to leave.

He fought back at the officers and was restrained on the floor.

He bit one of the officers on his right wrist, breaking the skin and leaving puncture marks. The officer then punched Minion on the head to stop him biting. Minion was dragged to the desk and handcuffed to it.

Miss Ross said Minion felt the officer was standing too close to him and his personal space was being invaded. He was alarmed by the strip search. She said: “He felt his teeth were the only weapon available.”

The assaulted officer was given painkillers and antibiotics.

Defending, Chris Pye-Smith told the court that officers wanted to strip search Minion to make sure he had nothing he could harm himself with. That evening he had been taken to hospital, but had discharged himself and police found him wandering the streets. They took him home where there were more threats to harm himself and an ambulance was called. Police then detained him.

Mr Pye-Smith said Minion felt alarmed and agitated in the police station and there were “a lot of issues going on in his mind at the time”. Minion felt he was being handled roughly but accepted officers used reasonable force.

The court was told Minion had moved to Nottingham after the incident. He believed that the medication he had been given was doing him more harm than good, but now he was receiving help from mental health services in Nottingham.

Mr Pye-Smith said it was significant that Minion had been laid off work at Christmas and his employer had taken her own life which was devastating to him.

Magistrates ordered a probation report and adjourned the case until March 25. Minion was given unconditional bail.