Grantham Journal letter: How can PCSOs help community if they cannot be contacted?

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Why is so difficult to contact a PCSO?

On Monday I wanted to talk to a PCSO regarding a problem brought to me by a resident on my ward. The two numbers I had, for mobile phones, were no longer recognised, so on to the ‘Net’. I found that the mobile phone numbers for Grantham East were no longer published and the only contact was by email.

I then spoke to police HQ at Lincoln to see if I could be given an explanation as to why this policy had been adopted. The sergeant there did not know, but he took my details and said he would pass on my concerns, and I would be contacted. It is now Wednesday and guess what?

This situation is not good enough. PCSOs were supposed to maintain contact with the community, and provide a visible presence. It is not always possible to contact anyone via email, and it is also desirable to have a face to face conversation.

I note that PCSOs now ride around town in cars. I was told that this was to enable them to get to their rural beats, NOT Sainsbury’s!

I still await that call!

Councillor Mike Cook

Dudley Road, Grantham