‘Grantham Runaway Cow RIP’ Facebook page launched following shooting

The runaway cow. Photo: Ian Selby
The runaway cow. Photo: Ian Selby
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A Facebook page entitled ‘Grantham Runaway Cow RIP’ has been set up following the drama which unfolded yesterday (Monday) in Grantham.

As reported on the Journal’s website, a Belgian blue cow escaped from a field near Wyndham Park at around 2.30pm. It was chased by police across town, and ended up jumping a fence into the car park of the Belton Lane Children’s Centre.

During the police operation, Sergeant Adrian Wootten told the Journal that the female cow posed a threat to public afety and there was no other alternative than to shoot it.

Two police marskmen were instructed to shoot and the cow was killed in the children’s centre car park.

The Journal kept its readers informed via social networking sites during the police oepration. This sparked outcry from people believing more should have been done to keep the cow alive.

The ‘Grantham Runaway Cow RIP’ Facebook page launched shortly after, bearing the description: “Needlessly killed at Belton Lane Primary School by a Police Marksmen because they don’t know how to deal with a COW !!! Show your support for the Cow, and acknowledge your disgust/satisfaction at Lincolnshire Police’s actions.”

Comments posted on the page are mixed, some in support of the decision taken by the force, and some against.

At 10.40am today, the page had obtained 1,840 likes.

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