Grantham woman told to pay back £1,100 after robbing bank

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A Grantham woman was today ordered to pay back £1,100 which she transferred in to her husband’s account just hours after robbing a Grantham Bank.

Nicola Lehair, 28, was jailed for two years in June after she admitted staging a robbery at the Yorkshire Bank in High Street, Grantham, on April 30, this year.

Following Lehair’s prison sentence an investigation was carried out to see if she had any available assets from which she could repay the stolen cash.

A proceeds of crime hearing at Lincoln Crown Court was told Lehair escaped with £2,375 from the Yorkshire Bank after handing the cashier a note. The note read: “Give me all the money from behind this counter. Don’t speak to anyone. Don’t look at anyone. Just give me the money. I do have a gun and will use it if necessary.”

A female cashier initially thought the incident was a joke but when she realised that Lehair was serious she handed over a bundle of notes.

The hearing was told Lehair carried out the robbery at 2.37pm and by 4.15pm on the same day she had transferred £1,100 in to a bank account belonging to her innocent husband.

Giving evidence to the hearing by video link from prison, Lehair explained she had built up a debt of around £3,000 to £4,000 to her husband in the two years before the robbery after falling behind with utility bills and personal loan repayments.

When asked why she had transferred £1,100 to her then husband, Lehair replied: “Because I owed him money and I said I would pay it back soon.”

The court heard Mr Lehair was a totally innocent party in the transaction and had not spoken to his wife since her arrest.

Lehair was caught after she tried to carry out a second robbery 15 days later at a branch of Santander Bank on the corner of High Street and St Peter’s Hill, Grantham.

Recorder Graham Huston ruled Lehair had made a benefit of £2,375 from her crimes. He ordered Lehair to pay back the £1,100 and £40 from her other available assets of a mobile phone and Sat Nav.

Lehair was given six months to pay the money back or face a further 13 days in prison.