Greedy ex-lawyer who stole from clients and her own grandmother has suffered a setback on path to new career

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A greedy ex-lawyer who conned her own grandmother while stealing over £200,000 from clients’ accounts has suffered a setback in her bid to carve out a new life as a childminder.

Jacquelina Laverick was jailed for three years in January 2011 after admitting theft and money laundering.

The 38-year-old, then of Lodge Way, Grantham, siphoned £214,000 from clients’ accounts while working on will and estate matters.

Laverick even tricked her own grandmother in a bid to cover up her crimes. In all, she stole £60,000 from clients and £150,000 from a legacy destined for her grandmother.

Part of Laverick’s duties included looking after the affairs of vulnerable clients involved in Court of Protection cases.

During sentencing, Judge Michael Heath said she had let down an honourable profession and colleagues. He said her crimes were the product of “pure greed”.

Five years on, Laverick is striving to “rebuild her life”. She set her sights on working as a registered childminder and applied to Ofsted for inclusion on the childcare register. Ofsted rejected her application, prompting her appeal to the Care Standards Tribunal.

Tribunal judge, Melanie Lewis, said no one doubted Laverick’s qualities as a carer for children and took account of her efforts to make a new life after prison.

But she said Ofsted had highlighted several troubling aspects of her case, including “stealing large sums of money from vulnerable clients”.

“She had deceived her own elderly grandmother in order to continue her criminal activity,” the tribunal heard.

Judge Lewis ruled: “Having carefully weighed all the evidence, we reach the conclusion that it is too early for her to be registered.

“Even after weighing the positives in her favour, it is at present too early to conclude she is of good integrity and good character.”