Handbag theft followed slap

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A WOMAN stole a handbag from a former friend after slapping her in the face, a court heard on Wednesday.

Nicola Coggin, 34, of Welham Street, admitted assault, theft of the handbag and stealing meat from Aldi.

Coggin, who is on methadone and drugs for depression following the suicide of her husband, had had altercations with her former friend twice on March 11 before deciding to follow her home. Coggin was trying to find out why the woman, who has learning difficulties, was ignoring her.

Daniel Paulson, prosecuting, said: “Coggin slapped her once to the face. She then tried to punch her in the arm and kick her but both missed. Coggin then grabbed her handbag, telling her to let go of the bag.”

Coggin looked through the bag before dropping it, she did not take anything. Two days later she went to Aldi in Grantham and filled a Next bag with meat before leaving without paying.

Coggin, who was put on a six month community order with a three month curfew, stole after her £48 discharge grant from prison had run out.