Head banging woman assaulted police officer

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BANGING her head against a shop window in Westgate, Grantham, and assaulting two police workers earned a woman a £300 fine.

Siobhan Porter, of Gladstone Terrace, Grantham, was drunk on August 2 when CCTV operators alerted police to her outside the shop. She admitted being drunk and disorderly and two assaults at Grantham Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said: “She wasn’t even wearing shoes and she was crying and talking incoherently.”

When an officer approached she shouted abuse, which continued when he threatened to arrest her.

Porter was arrested and she apologised. The officer said he would take her back to her mother’s house but she refused to get in the car.

A struggle to get her into the car ensued and after she was forced she tried to kick through the gap between the front seats.

Once at the police station Porter, 21, did not calm down.

Mr Clare added: “As soon as her right arm was released from the handcuffs she flung out her arm making contact with the police worker on the chest.”

Porter, who works in a pub, later said she would not drink vodka again.

Giles Tyas, defending, said: “Once she sobered up she repeatedly apologised and expressed regret.”

She was fined £50 for being drunk and disorderly and £100 for each assault. Porter was also made to pay £35 towards costs and £15 victim surcharge.