‘Hero’ chases charity box thief along Grantham street

Hero Lee Edwards chased a charity box thief down the road in Grantham.
Hero Lee Edwards chased a charity box thief down the road in Grantham.
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A man is being hailed a ‘hero’ by a pub owner after chasing a charity box thief down the street.

Lee Edwards, 37, was having a drink in the Blue Bull, in Westgate, Grantham, after work on Tuesday night when he was told that someone had just left the pub with a charity box.

He darted out of the pub after the thief, who was by this time across the road.

Lee said: “I yelled at him, he looked around and then started to run. I decided to chase him. I didn’t think twice. It’s for charity, it’s the lowest of all to steal from charity.”

The thief ran into the Morrisons car park and then over to Wharf Road, where Lee managed to catch him.

He said: “I think he was startled that I got hold of him.

“He was hugging the charity box like a teddy bear. I said that it didn’t belong to him. I pulled it out of his jacket and came back to return it to the pub. Those charity boxes are there for a reason.

“It was my good deed for the day.”

The charity box, which was quite full, was in aid of Grantham Stroke Club.

Owner of the Blue Bull Paul Bunn said: “Lee’s a hero. He could’ve just sat there and just said somebody took it, I’m not getting involved.

“It’s good that he went after him, some people say it’s stupid to do something like that but everybody looks after this place and because it’s charity it means a lot.”

Treasurer of the stroke club Jacky Elvy said any donations are very important to the self-funding club.

She said: “To think that somebody could steal the box is disgusting really.

“I think it’s very commendable that somebody would chase the person down the street. I take my hat off to him. It’s nice that there’s still such public spirited people about.”

l To donate to the club call 01400 250407.

l If you witnessed the theft call police on 101 quoting incident 111 on December 5.