Hopeless romantic who proposed in the Journal is guilty of harassment

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A MAN who proposed to a woman through the Journal has been found guilty of harassing and assaulting her.

Grantham Magistrates’ Court heard on Monday how Edward Mullenger continued to “bombard” his ex-girlfriend with up to 15 text messages an hour throughout the day and night.

The victim told the court how Mullenger, of West End Close, Witchford, Ely, refused to leave her alone, and even slept in his car outside her Grantham home.

Mullenger, 54, argued in court that the relationship had not ended at the time he was making contact.

He proposed through the Journal on August 19, although the victim said their relationship had ended in July.

Mullenger was also charged with assaulting the woman on August 29 at her home.

The court heard how the victim discovered a rubbish fire in her back garden and found Mullenger standing by it. She told the court that he slapped her across the face after he had collected a bag of his items.

Mullenger denied both charges, but was found guilty by District Judge John Stobart, who called his behaviour “delusional, controlling and compulsive”.

The court heard how Mullenger has similar previous convictions on his record, going back to 2006 and 2007. He was convicted of causing harassment to an ex-partner by text, letter and in person, and also of assaulting her by throwing her handbag at her head, causing a cut 1cm long. He was also convicted of using physical force to damage a front door, causing the family inside to flee.

Mullenger was bailed to reappear at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court for sentencing on November 14. Judge Stobart told Mullenger that all sentencing options would be considered.