Husband took children from ex’s house and was found in Grantham

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A husband admitted harassment after he let himself into his ex’s house at 5am on Sunday morning when he knew she was with her new partner.

The ex-wife woke up after hearing someone in her house and went downstairs to find him. He left but returned throwing their son’s keys, which he had taken, into the house. She called the police.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, returned to his house, woke his children and drove away with them. Kate Hartley, prosecuting, said: “The ex-wife was extremely upset. She thinks he was telling her that he was taking the children away.”

The man was traced by CCTV to McDonalds in Grantham, where he was arrested. The children were with him.

The victim said she is scared of her ex-husband, who is ‘normal one minute and then he just flips’.

Mrs Hartley added: “He blames her for everything, yet he was the one that had an affair. He said he wants to make her life hell.”

On a previous occasion the defendant admitted being outside her house and listening through the letter box. Although he denied other incidents.

Julian Sheen, defending, said his client, who had not shown any violence, wished to reassure his ex that he would abide by bail conditions.

The case was adjourned for reports. He was released on conditional bail.