‘I feel like an idiot, to be honest’

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A TEENAGER was arrested for abusing commuters with foul language after being ejected from a train at Grantham station.

Officers found eighteen-year-old Ben Smales of Linnet Way, Sleaford, face down on one of the seats, refusing to leave the train. Smales was “heavily intoxicated” and using foul language. He continued his tirade after being removed and was arrested. Smales said: “I feel bad about it and I’m sorry. I feel like an idiot to be honest.”

Smales’ only income comes from his EMA which he said he spends on cigarettes, topping up his phone and going out. Chair of magistrates Ros Gulson said: “There are certain guidelines. I don’t believe it is there to be spent on cigarettes and phone credit.” Smales was fined £65.