‘I’m going to smash somebody’s head in’ said man with golf club

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A GOLF club wielding man was arrested after threatening to “smash somebody’s head in with it” while at Grantham Library.

Dominic Harris, of Swinegate, Grantham, visited his ex-partner’s home to see his children but was denied access. He then grabbed a child-size metal golf club, telling his partner he was going to assault her current partner.

Harris, 31, was seen by CCTV operators walking through the town centre with the seven-iron before he walked into Grantham Library.

Hanging the club by its head on a desk he sat at a computer and began surfing the internet.

A security guard from the Isaac Newton Shopping Centre who had known Harris for many years then walked into the library.

Mark Holmes, prosecuting, said: “The security guard asked why he had the golf club and Mr Harris said “I’m going to smash somebody’s head in with it”.”

However, when the security guard asked Harris to hand over the golf club, Harris did so “without any fuss”.

Stuart Wild, defending, told the court Harris lost his temper after his ex-partner asked him to go round to see the children, only to refuse him access when he arrived.

Mr Wild added: “After a short altercation he left with the golf club.

“Walking with a golf club is not an offence per se but the difficulty is that he told his previous partner that he was going to sort her current partner out.”

The prosecution and the defence agreed that Harris should be given credit for handing the golf club over so calmly.

Mr Wild said: “When asked to hand over the golf club he did.

“There was no suggestion he hurt anybody with it.”

The case was adjourned for reports and sentencing until December 14.