‘I thought my beloved dog was going to die’

The labrador was attacked on Christmas Eve.
The labrador was attacked on Christmas Eve.
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A LABRADOR was savaged and almost killed in front of its owner as they walked home on Christmas Eve.

Paul Jarvis of Bedford Close, Grantham, was walking his dog, Smudge, along Sandringham Drive when a greyhound ran over and sunk its teeth into the labrador’s throat.

Mr Jarvis desperately tried to drag the greyhound off his dog as it threatened to lose consciousness. Eventually he managed to get the greyhound’s jaws off his own pet, only for it to bite into the hind of the labrador instead.

Mr Jarvis said: “I thought he was going to kill him when he had him by the throat.

“It just came out of nowhere and just hung on. It crossed my mind that this dog was going to fight to the death.”

People living in Sandringham Drive came running out of their houses to try to help Mr Jarvis free his dog.

He said: “About five people from three houses came out and were throwing bowls of water on the greyhound but it didn’t make any difference.

“We’ve since been round to see them to thank them for everything they did.”

The attack only ceased when the greyhound’s owner arrived on the scene. Someone in Sandringham Drive then called the police and Smudge was taken to Avenue Road Veterinary Surgery for treatment to the puncture wounds in his neck and the numerous bites to his hind.

Mr Jarvis’ wife, Carol, said: “It was completely unprovoked - that’s what’s so alarming. It was a vicious attack.

“We did not really have a Christmas this year because of it. He had to have a full anaesthetic at the vets so on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day he was terrible.”

Mr Jarvis reported the attack to the police but was told that no action would be taken.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “No criminal offences were committed.”