‘I told you so’ says Grantham magistrate

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A man who refused to co-operate with police officers was told he should have paid attention the last time he was in court.

Tafara Washoma of Harlaxton Road in Grantham appeared in court in October and admitted a public order offence after losing his temper with police.

After that case, chair of magistrates Ian McDonnell told Washoma: “A bit of advice I can give you is: be compliant. You get wound up, the police get wound up and there’s only going to be one winner - and it’s not you.”

On January 15 Washoma, 32, again lost his cool with officers and found himself facing Mr McDonnell once more after admitting another public order offence.

Mr McDonnell said: “The last time I lectured you about not kicking off with the police. I said that if you don’t comply you will find yourself back in court. I hate to say I told you so.

“Smile and be happy. Comply with them because it won’t work any other way.”

The court heard how Washoma was in the King’s Arms when officers came in. He began arguing after one of the officers questioned the age of a friend.

Despite the efforts of the officers, Washoma refused to calm down and called the policemen “cowards”.

Kate Hartley, prosecuting, said Washoma was given numerous chances to calm down.

Washoma was fined £30 and ordered to pay £20 in compensation. His conditional discharge for the October offence was allowed to run.