‘It’s every parent’s worst nightmare’

SKDC worker Andy Wood clears needles in the alley near Ivatt Court.
SKDC worker Andy Wood clears needles in the alley near Ivatt Court.
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CHILDREN playing yards from their front door were rushed to hospital this week after being pricked by used drug needles.

Mum Kayleigh Webb was looking after her six-year-old daughter and seven-year-old nephew on Monday.

The pair were playing outside her home in Ivatt Court, Grantham, when they came running back to the house.

Both of the children had picked up a used drugs needle they found in the alley next to Kayleigh’s home and accidentally stabbed themselves with it.

Miss Webb said: “They were just playing out in the court like they normally do in the summer holidays

“I was absolutely fuming. We walked down that alley an hour earlier and there was nothing there.

“The thought that in that hour someone had walked down there and dropped it is disgusting.”

Kayleigh rang her surgery and was told to take the children to A&E.

The children were treated and given blood tests, but the parents will not know the results for three months.

Kayleigh said: “What sort of life is that if they have managed to contract something off a dirty drug needle?

“The amount of kids who play in that court is unreal. In a way we are lucky there were only two children pricked.”

Kayleigh is aware of drug use in the area which is why she doesn’t let her children play far from the home - the alley is yards from her door.

She said: “I’m so mad. Now we have to wait for three months hoping they are going to get the all-clear.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.”

James Newall of Lincolnshire Police said: “We do get occasional reports of drug needles in parks and places like that.

“We would urge parents to advise their children never to go near them and certainly never to touch them.

“They should call ourselves or the council as soon as possible so we can get them off the streets.”

Dave Banks, South Kesteven District Council’s head of environmental services said incidents like this are rare.

He said: “Fortunately it is rare to find this sort of thing in South Kesteven, however if you do it is important to take great care and protect yourself and others.

“If you find needles in a public area you should report it to us on 01476 406279 and we will remove them as a matter of urgency.

“If it is out of hours please call 01476 590044.

“If possible you should cover the needle with a tin or plastic box, but do not touch it.”

RIGHT: SKDC worker Andy Wood finds a syringe in Ivatt Court, Grantham, this week.

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