It took three officers to arrest man in Grantham’s Market Place

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A “steaming” 20-year-old stood in the Market Place on Christmas Eve and challenged people to fight.

Kane Bobby Brackenbury, of Lymn Court in Grantham, admitted a public order offence after he was seen on CCTV remonstrating with another man and being held back by other males.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said: “Mr Brackenbury was clenching his fists and beckoning other males to fight him.”

Police arrived and tried to calm Brackenbury but he became verbally abusive. Officers decided to arrest him but he refused to comply and it took three officers to carry him to the police van.

Brackenbury was also found to be in breach of a conditional discharge which he received for damaging a window in Harlaxton Road.

Mr Clare told the court Brackenbury abused a police officer responding to the call.

Mr Clare said: “Pc Pete Nettleton of Lincolnshire Police was abused by the defendant. He called him a ‘fat f***’ and said ‘I will knock you out’.”

Brackenbury, defending himself, told the court he was “steaming” drunk at the time of both offences.

He added: “I feel bad about it and need to buck my ideas up.”

Brackenbury was fined £40 for breaching the conditional discharge and £70 for the Christmas Eve offence. He must also pay a surcharge of £20 and £85 in costs.