Jail for drug dealer who sold M-Cat in Grantham

Sam Degnan has been jailed for eight months.
Sam Degnan has been jailed for eight months.
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A drug dealer who sold M-Cat to fund his own drug habit has been jailed for eight months at Lincoln Crown Court.

Sam Degnan was arrested after police stopped a car on Earlesfield Lane, Grantham, and seized his mobile phone.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said that text messages found on the phone indicated that Degnan had been using it to conduct drug deals.

Officers who searched Degnan’s home discovered supplies of a cutting agent used to reduce the strength of drugs before they were sold on the streets.

Degnan, 20, of Westerdale Road, Grantham, admitted supplying M-Cat between 20 June and July 3 last year.

Judge Michael Heath told him: “You were a commercial street dealer of M-Cat. Drug dealers go inside.”

Sunil Khanna, defending, said Degnan’s drug use increased to a £50-a-day habit which he could not fund from legitimate means, adding: “He was not in work. He couldn’t keep that up.

“He was being chased for drug debts and he took the decision to try to sell M-Cat to pay for his own use and to pay back those who he owed.

“He is now trying his hardest to stop using the drug. He got himself a job but he lost that when his employer found out about this prosecution.”