Jail for Grantham man following 18 ASBO breaches

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A Grantham man was jailed for six months on Thursday after he repeatedly broke an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) which prevented him going to any railway station in England and Wales.

Richard Barry, 49, was finally locked up after British Transport Police found him drinking on a bench in Grantham railway station.

Lincoln Crown Court heard it was the 18th time, and the third time this year, that Barry had broken an ASBO which banned him from entering any railway station in the country or travelling on a train.

Edna Leonard, prosecuting, told the court the ASBO was made in 2009 for offences of common assault and threatening behaviour.

Other railway stations visited by Barry included Loughborough and Nottingham.

Miss Leonard said Barry was “clearly in drink” when transport police found him sitting on a bench in Grantham at 5.50pm on October 14.

She added: “He was smelling of alcohol and one of the officers took a can of super strength alcohol away from him.”

He became extremely abusive and warned the officers “he would bury the lot of you”.

The court heard Barry was homeless at the time of the offence after recently being evicted from a squat in Grantham.

Sunil Khana, mitigating, said: “On that day he was simply wandering the streets of Grantham. He saw the gates to Grantham railway station were open and simply went in.

“He knew he should not have been there but was only sitting on a bench. He did not harm to members of the public and only became abusive when the police arrived.”

Barry, of no fixed address, admitted breaking the ASBO.

Passing sentence Judge Michael Heath told Barry his repeated breaches of the order left him with no choice but to send him to prison.

Judge Heath said: “The terms of the ASBO are clear. You went to Grantham railway station when you knew you should not have done so.

“It was a flagrant breach and it was the 18th breach of the order.”