Jail for gym instructor who carried out a ‘terrifying’ sex attack

James David Taylor.
James David Taylor.
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A gym instructor who carried out a terrifying sex attack on a 20-year-old woman as she walked home late at night was today (Friday) jailed for eight years at Lincoln Crown Court.

Judge Michael Heath ordered that James Taylor should remain on parole licence for an extra four years on top of his jail sentence which will mean that if released early he will continue to be at risk of being returned to prison until December 2025.

The Judge told him “This was a terrifying incident. The impact on the victim’s life of what you did to her is clear and lasting.

“I consider you to be dangerous. You pose a very high risk of causing physical, emotional and psychological harm to members of the public and in particular to women.”

Taylor, 26, of Kenilworth Road, Grantham, denied attempted rape on May 4 but was found guilty by the jury. He had previously admitted robbery.

He told the jury he targeted the woman for cash and said he did not intend to carry out a rape.

The jury took less than 50 minutes to return a guilty verdict against him following a trial last month.

Caroline Bradley, prosecuting, told the jury that the woman was talking to her boyfriend on her mobile phone as she walked along Lincoln Road, Holdingham, on the outskirts of Sleaford.

The jury was told that Taylor spotted her and lay in wait before he pounced. He put his hand over her mouth and grabbed the phone before dragging her into an alleyway where he tried to rape her. During the attack he warned he had a knife and threatened to kill her if she continued to scream

Afterwards he discarded her mobile and her purse nearby before fleeing.

The woman’s boyfriend raised the alarm ringing 999 after hearing her being attacked while they were talking.

The victim made her way to a nearby house where she received help from the occupants until police arrived at the scene.

Taylor was arrested seven weeks later after tests revealed the presence of his DNA on the woman’s clothing.

Miss Bradley said Taylor answered “no comment” to a string of questions and refused to even explain why he was in Sleaford.

The court heard that Taylor had previously served a six year jail sentence imposed in 2006 for robbery.

Mark Watson, in mitigation, said Taylor acted out of character and has since shown some remorse.

“He has a long history of offending but there is no evidence of any sexualised behaviour within that history.”

He said that after coming out of prison Taylor made efforts to start a new life and had appeared to have turned the corner until her carried out the offence.