Lap dancers attacked at thug’s house party

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LAP dancers working at Secrets in Grantham were attacked by a “thug” after accepting an invitation to his house party.

Luke Cleary, 23, of Yeldersley Court, Grantham, appeared in court on Wednesday having already been jailed for 12 months on Tuesday after breaching two suspended jail sentences by causing criminal damage to a letterbox.

The court heard how Cleary visited the lap dancing club and invited the four dancers, one of whom he already knew, back to his home for a house party.

After 15 minutes at the party, the dancers’ driver arrived and the women decided to leave. However, Cleary became angry, threw a glass and tried to pull one of the women out of the car by her leg, causing her a groin injury.

The driver drove off with three of the woman despite Cleary kicking and punching the car. However, the lap dancer who previously knew Cleary was left behind.

Paula Thomas said: “She was pushed by Cleary to the floor and spat on by Cleary and by his friends. She was then punched in the face. Her handbag was taken and when she tried to retrieve it the front door was slammed in her face. She kicked the door to get someone’s attention but when Cleary answered he punched her in the face again.”

Ms Thomas said the victim was knocked unconscious several times during the attacks.

Stuart Wild, defending, said Cleary became angry as the women stole trainers from his home.

Cleary changed his plea on the day of the trial. He admitted two common assault charges and criminal damage, and was sentenced to 14 more weeks in prison for one assault charge. He was sentenced to seven days in prison for the other two charges.

Magistrate Ros Gulson called Cleary “a thug” and his record “atrocious”.