Lincolnshire Police says restorative justice has had excellent feedback

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Lincolnshire Police says there has been excellent feedback to its procedure of allowing some criminal cases to be resolved with an agreement between the offender and victim.

Police have used a Restorative Community Resolution when dealing with a range of offences. The process takes place where both the victim and the offender agree to resolve the matter at the time of the offence.

◘ 96 per cent of victims who responded stated they were happy with the decision to use a restorative approach

◘ 93 per cent of victims stated they were involved in the decision around what the offender could do to put things right

◘ 92 per cent stated they felt the outcome was proportionate to the case

◘ 91 per cent stated they would recommend the process to others

Data collated by the Ministry of Justice shows that the national satisfaction rate is 85 per cent.

Paul Wright, the Restorative Justice Coordinator within the Criminal Justice Department for Lincolnshire Police, said: “We are pleased with the feedback and will continue to deliver the best service possible, ensuring that the needs of the victim are central to the process.”

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