Lincolnshire Police start recruitment campaign for officers

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Lincolnshire Police will begin a campaign next week to recruit more officers, stating that applicants must have lived in the county for at least a year to qualify.

Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Neil Rhodes says that although the force will not be replacing PCSOs who retire or resign until the new budget allocation is announced later in December, the recruitment process for police officers will continue.

Mr Rhodes said: “We are determined to keep up to strength our officer numbers. To ensure we will have enough suitable candidates for the new training courses planned for 2017 to 2019, we are starting the process to recruit them right now.”

Mr Rhodes says he wants the force to reflect the community it serves and for applicants to have an understanding of the county and issues facing the public of Lincolnshire.

He said: “To achieve that we have decided that to qualify to apply to become an officer in Lincolnshire, all candidates must be able to show that they have lived in Lincolnshire for at least a year, or in exceptional circumstances can demonstrate a strong link to the county – perhaps they have served in the armed services in the county before being moved away.”

The selection process will take place in stages over the next year and it is expected that the first intake to be recruited from the new advertisement will start training in September 2017 and be on the beat early in 2018.

To find out more about eligibility to apply for the position of police officer go to

More details about how to apply to be a police officer are due to go on the website from Monday.