‘Low esteem’ led man to scam £10,000 to blow on partying

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A worker at Belton Woods Hotel was jailed last Friday, after admitting stealing over £10,000 from his employers.

Nathan Angeloni, who worked as a leisure assistant and gym instructor, operated a scam paying bogus refunds via his debit card into his own bank account.

The brazen fraud came to light when discrepancies were uncovered in the accounts.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court that checks revealed that Angeloni started by paying himself small amounts of money, but his thefts escalated and by the time the fraud came to light in November 2010 he had taken as much as £750 in one transaction.

Mr Howes said an investigation was carried out and after it was discovered Angeloni was on duty when a sample of thefts occurred police were brought in.

The money ended up in Angeloni’s own account with the Santander Bank which was the same account into which his wages were paid.

Mr Howes said: “There was a clear lack of oversight and control.

“The defendant knew how to use the refund system and these were deliberate acts in order to steal money.”

Angeloni, 22, of St Mellion Drive, Grantham, admitted the theft of £10,723 from De Vere Hotels between October 2009 and November 2010.

He was jailed for six months.

Recorder Timothy Spencer QC told him “This was in breach of trust. This sort of offending is corrosive to the morale of staff. I’m afraid this is too serious for me to pass anything other than a sentence of immediate custody.”

Chris Jeyes, defending, said Angeloni suffered from low self-esteem and spent the money in a bid to make himself popular.

Most of it went on drink for himself and others and he spent all of the money.

Mr Jeyes said: “This was not a complicated fraud. He was using a card in his name and using his own bank account. It was the account to which his employer paid his wages.”

He said Angeloni lost his job over the theft but has since gained new employment.

“He is ashamed of what he has done and accepts he has to be punished. He has lost his good name.”