Malteser thief threatened police officer in Grantham

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A Scotsman stole a box of Maltesers, damaged a police car and threatened a police officer.

Martin Hart of Sycamore Court in Grantham admitted theft, resisting a police officer, criminal damage and breaching a conditional discharge.

He was spotted on CCTV cameras stealing a box of Maltesers valued at £31.20 from Costcutter in Hornsby Road on December 11. The following day officers in Grantham were instructed to look out for Hart and he was spotted in Westgate turning onto Welby Street.

Hart, 29, immediately began using abusive language towards the arresting officers, calling one a “p****”. He was warned by officers to calm down but said he didn’t care because he was going to be arrested anyway.

He prevented the officers from putting on the handcuffs and then kicked the police car causing damage to the body work.

Hart continued his abuse once inside the car, telling an officer: “I don’t give a f***. I’m going to give you a load of abuse whenever I see you in town - even if you’re with your family.”

Hart was sentenced to an 18-month community order comprising a supervision requirement and a “thinking skills programme”.

He must pay costs of £45, a surcharge of £60 and £31.20 in compensation to Costcutter.