Man drove car illegally

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Grantham man Liam Curtis got behind the wheel of a car without a driving licence - and ultimately transported himself into a courtroom.

Curtis, of Avon Close, Grantham, pleaded guilty to a total of five charges on Wednesday - one of obstructing a police officer, two of driving with no licence and two of driving with no insurance.

The court heard how in the early hours of July 18, 21-year-old Curtis was pulled over in his Subaru Impreza by police officers on duty in Stamford.

Daniel Paulson, prosecuting, said: “He initially gave to police false details, a false name.

“An investigation discovered he does not hold a driving licence of any sort and therefore has no insurance.”

During a police interview, Curtis admitted the offences and told officers he had been driving a friend to Leicester.

Mr Paulson said: “He was bailed on the condition that he is not to be in the front seat of any motor vehicle.

“However, on the 11th of August he was again stopped whilst driving the same vehicle, again without insurance or a licence.”

Curtis had been remanded in custody for six days and brought into the courtroom from the cells.

Mr Paulson said: “The reason for the remand is that he has a number of similar matters on record, for a substantial number of driving offences.”

In mitigation, Chris Pye-Smith, defending, said: “He’s got very much ahead of himself because of prospects of employment.

“He was offered a car at a fairly reasonable price and went ahead with that. He’s gone about things the wrong way and he’s not waited and so he’s tempted himself to drive the vehicle on these two occasions.”

Magistrate Dorothy Nix called Curtis ”irresponsible”. He was sentenced to a day’s detention, already served, for obstructing an officer, and ordered to pay a £100 fine for each of the offences of driving with no insurance and also disqualified from driving for one year. Curtis was also ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge, but received no additional penalties for driving with no licence.