Man escorted from Grantham court after racist rant

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A man was removed from a Grantham courtroom on Monday after breaking into a racist rant in front of the magistrates.

Barry Eite, 47, formerly of Welham Street, Grantham, started shouting shortly after admitting a charge of racially aggravated intentional harassment.

Prosecutor Daniel Paulson was telling the court about the crime, which took place at Grantham Police Station on July 13 at 3.15pm.

He said Eite was in the custody suite at the station with an officer on guard outside.

He said: “As soon as the door shut with the officer outside the cell, he took issue and started a tirade of verbal abuse against the officer.”

Eite also started kicking on the door.

Mr Paulson added: “It was clearly distressing for the officer involved, it was an attack on his race.”

At that moment in the hearing, Eite, who was defending himself, stood and started shouting racist opinions about immigration and employment.

Eite, who has previously been treated for mental health issues, was escorted from the court by security.

When he returned magistrate Richard Spinks said: “This is a very serious issue.”

Eite responded: “I wish it to be addressed, it should be.”

He was warned by the court clerk to be quiet. Mr Spinks continued: “Whatever your views of people, there are limitations.”

Eite responded: “There should be a lot of limitations in this country.”

He asked to speak but the magistrate refused saying he had said enough. Mr Spinks then continued to fine Eite £165 plus £85 costs and £15 victim surcharge.

Eite added: “I would like to go to prison and not pay. I can’t afford it.”

He was told to leave the court.