Man lost his temper at police after being told to move his parked car

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AN unemployed man told a police officer that his solicitor would ‘sort him out’ after he was arrested for being abusive in the street and driving without a seat belt while using his mobile phone.

Robert Parkinson, 35, of Shirley Avenue, Grantham, admitted all three charges in court on Wednesday.

Parkinson had parked his car in Guildhall Street, Grantham, on November 27 when a PCSO told him to move on or risk getting a ticket.

He shouted at the officer saying there were other cars there as well before continuing into Argos.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said the officer got out a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Parkinson came out of the shop into the busy street shouting and swearing at the officer.

Mr Clare said: “One member of the public even spoke to the officer and said they could not believe the language used and the disrespect for others and the police.”

Parkinson got into his car and made a gesture towards the officer before driving off towards the High Street.

Mr Clare said: “He nearly collided with a 4x4. He was using his phone and had no seat belt on.”

The officer called a colleague and they stopped Parkinson near McDonalds.

The officer described him as aggressive and said at first he refused to stop but Parkinson denied this.

Mr Clare said: “The officer told him to stop but he said I’ll get Rob Arthur to sort you out.”

Defending himself Parkinson said he was angry because there were other cars parked near Argos and not all of them had disabled badges.

He was fined £135, given three penalty points, ordered to pay £85 costs and £15 victim surcharge.