Man sold cannabis in Grantham, crown court hears

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A Grantham man who admitted drug dealing charges has walked free from Lincoln Crown Court with a suspended jail sentence.

Craig White was found with over £250 worth of cannabis when he was stopped and searched by police in Hornsby Road, Grantham.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, said White’s phone was seized and later examined.

He added: “The phone is of significance. It appears he was being directed as to what to do and as to where to go although he did a little bit of street dealing as well.”

White was released and bailed but five months later was stopped again by officers as he cycled along Goodliff Road in the town. White ran away but discarded a plastic bag which was later found to contain £400 worth of cannabis.

Mr Howes said: “We say he was a commercial supplier and played a significant role. Clearly he was a trusted lieutenant of others.”

Craig White, 27, of Clyde Court, pleaded guilty to possession of 40.58g of cannabis with intent to supply on March 27. He also admitted possession of 25.48g of the same drug with intent to supply on October 27, 2011.

He was given a 12-month jail sentence suspended for two years with 12 months’ supervision.

Recorder Gareth Evans QC told him: “I’m prepared to give you a chance. This is your opportunity to put this behind you.”

Chris Milligan, defending, said White turned to drug dealing as a way of earning money after falling on hard times.

He said White, who receives carer’s allowance to look after his partner, has “dramatically” cut back his own use of cannabis and plans to give up completely.